web design

WE are a Digital Marketing and web design company based in Suffolk

Websites are much more important than online brochures.  They should exist to help customers buy your services.

Thought should be given for easy it is for customer’s to understand what you do and how can you help them.

We specialise in websites that help you to do this.   We have developed websites that do this through 1000s of hours of testing and development..

How much is a website?

Prices start at £249 for a small website that is SEO optimised.

Larger more complicated websites with large quantities of images will cost more.

Every website that is built is optimised for Google web search crawlers.

Websites that are built on solid foundations will stand the test of time and money spent at the beginning of your journey is a good investment.

How do we build your site?


We need to understand who your customers are and what your brand image is. How do you make your customers feel after they have visited your site ?


What do we want customers to feel and do once they have visited your site. Do we want to sell them something or place them in our marketing tools to target at a later stage?


We will start to layout the site structure and fix our theme colours and font styles.


Launching our website and making it live.


Did you know 60% of all searches are performed on a mobile device? We will optimise your site so that mobile users get the best User Experience

User Experience

Google promotes websites that have good user experiences or UX. What this actually means is can users navigate and use your site easily, do they spend longer than a few seconds viewing the pages. We know how to design and build so that people get the best experience.


Speed optimisation can play a huge part in how your site is received and displayed in google searches. We are experts at making sure you have a great design but also a website that complies with googles algorithms.

Why work with us?

Lots of websites are design without thinking about the end user. It is often skipped over and is the most important part of Web design.  We take time to understand your products and your customer offering.

The design should be based around these important factors and then the website can be designed around the customers journey and their buying process.